Giving Veterans A Second Chances, Inc. (GVSC),  purpose is providing vital programs and services to Military Veterans ex-felons/felony service members in order to support their transition to civilian life as well-adjusted citizens. The mission of the Organization is to Honor and Empower them again. Our purpose is fourfold:

1. To raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of Veterans and Civilians;
2. To help felony veteran’s aid and assist each other;
3. To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs and finally;
4. Create an opportunity for veterans/felons to experience the healing power of a helping hand. Through Housing, Job Training, Counseling and other non-profit assistance.

PTSD is the #1 cause of veterans becoming felons and a reason for suicide among our vets. Helping these veterans will cut down on both these issues. We firmly believe that only a vet knows how and what helps other veterans.

Our vision is to foster the most successful and well-adjusted generation of veterans and ex-felons in our nation’s history. The courage to continue through honor and empowerment! VETERANS will not go from Hero to Zero in a split second.