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Facebook pages do not have files so we created a Master Group to handle files. Inside this group you will find files on things such as:
How to Upgrade a Discharge
How to Appeal on Charges/VA
What to do if you are under investigation
Other organizations that help Veterans

We also created state groups which has the same files as the master but also has info concerning just that state.
Inside these files are things such as a listing of Veterans that Veterans can call.
We firmly believe that only a vet knows how & what to say to another vet especially
one that might be in a critical state of mind. We have to stop 22!!
We have things such as Veteran Courts for that state .
How to file a copy of the DD214 form in that state free of charge at most locations so                   that anytime in the future you would need it it’s there.
Stories of the things the Military is doing to it’s active duty soldiers
Suggestions as to things & people who are willing to help

To get to the State pages in the search bar add the 2 letters for your state with a – then Givingveteransa2chance
example WA-Givingveteransa2chance

If your not on Facebook please feel free to contact us here or call 913-712-0010